Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ground Chicken with Thai Basil (Gai Pad Gra Pow)

I haven't cooked Thai food in a long time, so to refresh my memory, I kicked off my Thai foodfest this weekend with a very simple, fail-proof dish of Chicken sauteed with fresh Thai basil. My  rendition is a fusion of the recipes from Nancie McDermott's Real Thai and . Really, really good, and so easy to make! 

1 1/2 lbs. ground chicken (or finely diced chicken thighs)
1 tbsp. garlic, minced
2 red jalapenos, seeded & sliced
1 green jalapeno, seeded & sliced
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1-2 tsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. sugar
2 cups Thai basil leaves (if you can't get the Thai variety, go ahead and sub with regular basil)
Hot Jasmine rice (ratio is 2 cups of jasmine rice to 3 cups of water in the rice cooker)

1. Saute the red jalapenos & garlic in 2 tsp. of vegetable oil. Add the ground chicken and saute over medium high heat until partially cooked. Add fish sauce, soy sauce & sugar. Stir well. 

2. When chicken is cooked through, add basil leaves and green jalapeno slices. Stir briefly and turn off heat. Taste, and adjust seasonings as needed.

3. Serve with hot jasmine rice. 

Sugar, fish sauce & soy sauce.

Thai basil leaves, garlic & red jalapenos.

1 1/2 lbs. of ground chicken.

Saute red jalapenos and minced garlic in 2 tsp. of veggie oil.

Add ground chicken.

Add fish sauce, soy & sugar.

Add basil leaves.

Sliced green jalapeno.

Add green jalapeno slices.

Serve with hot jasmine rice. 

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